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The Team...


First to Achieve All U-FLI™ Milestone Plaques

Flora's Lady Eve Annelise "Anna", TFU (75,500 pts)

This "little" 8 year old Danish Swedish Farmdog with a "big name" has maintained her outstanding record of earning racing points and titles by being the first dog to achieve the All the U-FlI Milestone Plaques. Anna has been the top point earning dog in U-FLI since July 2005.  Thanks go to the rest of the Lickety Splits dogs and handlers who have supported her in becoming the first dog to earn these prestigious award.



We say good-by to another Lickety Splits Firecracker, Siren.

Siren was Loud, and Red. She always had a lot to say. Fiery and full of herself, Siren loved Flyball. She had a sweet side too, and loved to snuggle down under the covers and would sleep in long after the sun came up.

Better known as Baby Si, she was the love of Peggy's heart.

She will be missed.

Read more about Siren



Lickety Splits said good-bye to another of the team's Cookie Monster, Shiloh.

Shiloh achieved her FDCh Title, she ran a reduced racing schedule, and only competed on an as needed basis. Often Shiloh has came out of retirement to save the day by competing on a U-FLI pick-up team.  She was a valuable member of the Lickety Splits team!

Her main job in life is to be Val's trusted and loyal companion. Her hypervigilance and wariness of strangers made her a formidible watch dog. On the other hand she has a wonderfully gentle spirit which she shared with Val's clients when she accompanied her to work. Her amazing tolerance and love for other dogs makes her an ideal peacemaker in the family pack. Shiloh was Val's and the Team's heart.

Read more about Shiloh

Team Dogs . . .


  • Anna
  • Crack
  • Siren
  • Lollipop
  • Luke
  • Mimic
  • Twister

Flora's Lady Eva Annelise

Brier Statistics

U-FLI Title: TFU / NAFA Title: FMX
Racing Debute: 8/28/2004

Breed: Danish/Swedish Farmdog
DOB: 8/20/2003

Fastest U-FLI™ Single Time: 4.464
3rd Fastest Daniah/Swedish Farmdog

U-FLI™  Top Titled Dog
U-FLI™ No. 1 Top Titled Danish/Swedish Farmdog
NAFA No. 8 Top Titled Danish/Swedish Farmdog

U-FLI™ 1st Dog to Acheive:

Top Flight Expert Plaque (20,000 points) 7/09/2006
Top Flight First Class Pin 7/9/2006
Top Flight Ace Plaque (35,000 points) 10/21/2007
Top Flight World Class Pin 11/10/2007
Top Flight Champion Plaque (50,000 points) 1/17/2009
Top Flight Extrene Pin (54,500 points) 10/24/2009
Top Flight Specialist Plaque (75,000 points) 10/23/2011
Top Flight Ultimate Pin (77,500 points) 2/11/2012

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

This 8 year old Danish Swedish Farmdog has maintained her outstanding record of earning U-FLI racing points and titles by being the first dog in the history of U-FLI to achieve the Top Flight Expert Plaque (20,000 points), the Top Flight Ace Plaque (35,000 points), the Top Flight Champion Plaque (50,000 points), and the Top Flight Specialist Plaque, (75,000 points).  Thanks go to the rest of the Lickety Splits dogs and handlers who have supported her in maintaining the U-FLI Top Dog standing since 2005.

Anna is a Danish/Swedish Farmdog. She is the 10th U.S.-born Farmdog. Her Grandmother and Mother were born in Denmark, and her Father and Aunt were born in the United States; they play flyball in California. All of Anna's brothers (Cooper, Maverick, Levi, and Luke) and her sister Inge play flyball in California too.

Anna is quick and very focused on flyball. Her first tournament was fantastic. Excluding the first heat, she ran the entire tournament flawlessly. She looked cute too. She is "Awesome Anna"; a steady consistent dog that can race in any lineup, location and on any surface. Her first six flyball tournaments she earned her NAFA FM title (in 3.5 months, at 15 months of age!).

Anna also participates in Obstacle and field Lure Coursing, and Canine Nose Work®. She passed her Herding Instinct Test in 2004 at the age of 10 months. And she participated in a little canine Freestyle dancing and Earthdog (Go-to-Ground). She hates dog shows; thinks that is for sissy dogs and is very happy she doesn’t have to do that silly foo foo stuff.

When Anna came to live with us she had a big sister Rags, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that had to retire from Flyball early because of a Joint illness, OCD.  Rags passed on August 31, 2006 at 12 ½ years of age.  Anna misses her so much.  You can see Anna's tribute to Rags here (make sure that you have your sound turned on).

October 12, 2006, Anna's full-blood brother Flora's Cool Hand "Luke" was born.  He came to live with us in January, 2007. The two are an even match for tugging and play any chance they can get. It is not uncommon to find them both tugging on the same toy at a stand-off. The longest I have seen them do this is about 45 minutes non-stop. Luke plays flyball for Lickety Splits and has the same focus, drive and consistency as Anna. He is so very handsome too.

We are all very proud of Anna! You can learn more about Danish/Swedish Farmdogs by going to the DSFCA Website at



U-FLI Title: TFWC / NAFA Title: FDCH
Breed: Mixed
Racing Debute: 3/25/2006
DOB: 12/9/2004
Fastest Single Time: 4.045
U-FLI™  48th Top Titled Dog, 17th Top Titled Mix
9th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 10/26/2008

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Crack...

Val and Crack Crack is a wild animal!  Ok, well really he is a border/staffy.   He is fearless, wildly exuberant, reckless, and single-minded.  He is fun, fun, fun to run!  When I started training him I said to myself, “This dog is going to kill me!”  I thought at the time he would accidentally bite me, he was so enthusiastic about his tug.  As it turns out, he has dislocated my thumb, he has broken my nose, and he nearly knocked me out, all by swinging that big head around with a tug in his mouth.  He is sorry, but he just can’t help himself.

In real life, he is a good boy that wants to be my constant companion.  He is a gentle loving therapy dog, and will defend me from the creepy looking guy at the gas station.  I am totally happy with my big sweet Bully boy.  And I challenge anyone to show me a Border Staff with a bigger head!

Crack is a half-sibling to Siren and Scrambull.



U-FLI Title: TF
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: Estimated April 21, 2012
Fastest Single Time:

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Geisha...





U-FLI Title: TFP
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: Estimated Spring 2010
Fastest Single Time: 4.501
U-FLI™  No. 25 Top Titled SBT, 13th Fastest SBT

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Goblin...




Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: March 21, 2010
Fastest Single Time: 4.202
U-FLI™ 5th Fastest SBT

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Lollipop...




U-FLI Title: TFE
Breed: Mixed Breed
Racing Debute:
Fastest Single Time:

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Lucy...


Flora's Cool Hand LukeStatistics

U-FLI Title: TFWC / NAFA Title: FFCh-S
Breed: Danish/Swedish Farmdog
Racing Debute: 1/9/2008
DOB: 10/12/2006
Fastest Single Time: 4.332
U-FLI™  54th Top Titled Dog, No. 2 Top Titled DSF, 2nd Fastest DSF
NAFA No. 13 Top Titled DSF
15th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 11/8/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Luke...

Luke is a Danish/Swedish Farmdog. He is the 50th U.S. born Farmdog. His Grandmother and Mother were born in Denmark, and her Father and Aunt were born in the United States; they play flyball in California. Luke's brothers (Cooper, Maverick, and Levi) and sisters (Inge and Anna) play flyball in California too.  Luke lives with his sister Anna and both run for Lickety Splits.

This little dog is fast and very focused on flyball. His first tournament he ran warm-up with his father, sister and brother Levi in Mare Island, CA just two days after he turned one year old. Luke made his singles debut October 21st at Touch N Go's 2007 Jump n Jackpots tournament. He ran against his brother Maverick for his best time of 4.33.  Luke ran his first Pairs with Jet at the Championship in Texas, November, 2007 and made his first team debut at Wags for Wishes in Arizona, January, 2008.

We are all looking forward to a great flyball career with Luke.

Luke ran his first Obstacle Lure Course event in 2007 at Wags for Wishes.

You can learn more about Farmdogs by going to the Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America (DSFCA) Website at

Luke is a goofy boy and we really love him! And he is Cool!



U-FLI Title: TFFC-II / NAFA Title: FDX
Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: 11/12/2005
DOB: 8/20/2003
Fastest Single Time: 4.583
U-FLI™  83rd Top Titled Dog,  No. 1 Top Titled SBT, 16th Fastest SBT
14th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 6/14/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Mimic...

aka - Mimikins
aka - Mimmie
aka - Oh yeah, she looks like her daddy!

Mimic and LyndaNo offense to all the beautiful Staffies in the world, but Mimic has to be the prettiest Staffy ever.  She is the daughter of Viper and Squish (Brett Williams) and she started out on Touch N Go.  Mimic is not as fast as some of her brothers and sisters and when she got the chance to come live by the coast knowing she would be an important and valued height dog for Lickety Splits she jumped at the chance.  Mimic is well loved for her great personality as well as her silly staffy noises on the race course.  Once Mimic gets warmed up you will see her classic Viper smile and know why we say she looks like her daddy.

MimicMimic ran for her first full time debut at the Wags for Wishes event in San Diego and ran with only 2 errors all weekend.  There is a huge audience for flyball made up of the general public.   It was fun to see the looks on their faces when that cute little piglet latched onto her tug, snarling and squirming like a maniacal beast and then spit the tug to give kisses to her handler.  

That's our Mimmie!



U-FLI Title: TFWC-I / NAFA Title: FDCh
Breed: Mixed
Racing Debute: 11/12/2005
DOB: Unknown
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: 4.080
U-FLI™  24th Top Titled Dog, No. 7 Top Titled Mix
8th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 5/25/2008
5th LS Dog to earn 35K Plaque 4/5/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Twister...

Twist is a border collie mix, rescued from the San Diego Central animal shelter in March 2005. So far she enjoys teaching her new family how many ways there are to escape from a soft crate and educating her canine siblings about how much smarter she is than they are.

After some initial hesitation, she now loves to swim.

  • Tara
  • Tica Moy



U-FLI Title:
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: Estimated Spring 2012
Fastest Single Time:

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Buffy...





U-FLI Title:
Breed: Border Collie
Racing Debute: Estimated Spring 2012
Fastest Single Time:

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Jetson...





U-FLI Title:
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: Estimated Spring 2012
Fastest Single Time:

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Mega...




U-FLI Title:
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Racing Debute: Estimated Spring 2012
Fastest Single Time:

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Tara...


Tica Moy


U-FLI Title:
Breed: Border Collie
Racing Debute: Estimated Spring 2012
DOB: 2/18/2009
Fastest Single Time:


Reserve Dogs

Are the dogs that race ocasionally and are not ready for retirement.  Most of them have been active flyball dog for many years.




Breed:Jack Russell Terrier
Racing Debute: 8/4/2001
Fastest Single Time: 5.707
U-FLI™  53rd Top Titled Dog, No. 3 Top Titled JRT, 46th Fastest JRT
NAFA No. 93 Top Titled DSF
5th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 6/30/2007

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Pagan...

Pagan came to Lickety Splits from Tiffany White.  He was the solid reliable height dog we desperately needed.  He has since been permanently adopted by Lynda and continues to be an invaluable member of our team.  Pagan must be the most charming and good natured Jack Russell ever.  He is light hearted and easy going.  Pagan will run for any handler in any position and he has helped us train many new dogs and handlers.  

Pagan has a few notable qualities.  He can pee on anything, for longer than is imaginable.  If there is ever a drought, no plant in Lynda's yard will suffer.  Pagan also has a very unique voice.  He barks constantly on the line, and his bark is deep and hoarse and pleasant.  You just can't help but smile when you run with Pagan.  Unlike most terriers, Pagan never seems to have an attitude or an agenda.  He is always willing to do what you ask, and will work tirelessly for his tug or his ball.  He is a terrific little trooper, and we all love him dearly.



U-FLI Title: TFFC-III / NAFA Title: FM
Breed: Border Collie
Racing Debute: 8/28/2004
DOB: Unknown
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: 3.781
U-FLI™  47th Top Titled Dog, No. 20 Top Titled BC, 29th Fastest Dog, 10th Fastest BC
U-FLI™ Fastest Pairs (2007-2008) -- Spirit with a Vengeance (7.563 sec)
10th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 3/15/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Venge...

Vengeance came from a far distant planet in another galaxy.  She was piloting a space ship that ran into an asteroid field and was destroyed.  Her spirit was accidentally transferred into a Border Collie body (by an inexperienced technician) and unfortunately some of her wiring was incorrectly connected.  Before the error could be discovered, she arrived on Earth.  Poor Venge, this is her first time in this solar system and her first time as a canine, and she has a short in her circuitry.  She is on completely unfamiliar ground and she doesn’t speak the language. 

I first met Vengeance a few months after she was rescued.  She was wild and young and spun out of her mind.  I took the tug on a grassy field in Utah and ran as far and fast as I could.  I felt her coming up behind me, fast and hard and then I felt her consider, for an instant, whether to bite the tug or my pasty white churning legs.  She opted for a poorly executed lunge towards the tug, and grabbed hold of my tug holding hand.  What a RUSH!  I have wanted her ever since that day.  One might wonder if that makes me about as weird as Venge is herself.  Maybe, but 3 years later, here she is in my house, staring at me with her spooky yellow eyes asking… “What are we going to do now, huh? Huh? HUH?”

Vengeance is all heart.  She runs like a bolt of electricity to the box and back.  She is 28 pounds of grit.  What Venge lacks in social skills she more than makes up for in speed on the course.  And, as an added bonus, every now and then she lands, if only for a moment, in the same space and time that I am in, and we share a little soft eye contact and a smile.  She is a good little red dog and I am grateful to have her.


  • Comet
  • Pastah!



U-FLI™ Title: TFFC-III  /  NAFA Title: ONYX
Breed: Border Collie
Racing Debute: 6/28/2003
DOB: 9/22/2001
U-FLI™  44th Top Titled Dog, 19th Top Titled BC
7th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 2/24/2008

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Chance...

Chance is my working man. He is an honest dog. He does whatever I ask, every time, with everything he has got. He never cheats, he never gets lazy. When he is not playing flyball he is my constant companion and a fine therapy dog. He loves me and I love him.   I am blessed to have such an outstanding dog.

Chance came to me as a re-home.  He started playing flyball in May 2004.  By the end of the 2004 racing year he was the 26th top point earning dog in NAFA.  He was a key player in our winning the NAFA Region 16 Multibreed Championship that year. 

Chance earned his ONYX on May 15, 2005 at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, CA. He accumulated his 20,000 points in just 23 months of racing.

Chance was part of our Stealth team in 2006 that earned a spot at the U-FLI Championship in November.  Unfortunately, he had a minor injury and was unable to compete in that tournament.  He was the 4th highest point earning Border Collie in U-FLI in 2006.

Chance also works as a model for Dicken’s Closet at Petco.

Chance is the face of the Border Collie for Dog Art Dog prints.



U-FLI Title: TF-III  |  NAFA Title: FDCh
Breed: Rat Terrier
Racing Debute: 6/5/2005
Fastest Single Time: 5.653
U-FLI™  No. 17 Top Titled Rat, No. 12 Fastest Rat
NAFA: No. 92 Rat Terrier

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Comet...

Comet came to our family as a feisty rat terrier puppy. We wanted a dog that could hold her own with our two Doberman Pinschers. Comet comes from Sure Grip Kennels that breeds working rat terriers. She quickly fulfilled my dream of having a sweet, well-behaved companion, and then we gave flyball a try! Life took on a new dimension/obsession. We now find ourselves driving to all parts of the county to catch a practice session to hone her skills at jumping, box turns and grabbing her "tuggie".

Her favorite pastime at home is bug hunting due to the absence of small furry critters in her home environment.

Comet made a successful racing debut on June 5, 2005, earning her FD title. She retired when her owner passed away.  Read more about Linda T. Comet...



U-FLI Title: TFP-I 
Breed: Mixed
Racing Debute: 10/14/2006
DOB: Unknown
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: 3.946
U-FLI™  96th Top Titled Mix, 61st Fastest Mix

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Coup...

Counting coup was a battle practice of Native Americans Native Americans in the United States of the Great Plains. A nonviolent demonstration of bravery, it consisted of touching an enemy warrior, with the hand or with a coup stick, then running away unharmed. Risk of injury or death was involved, should the other warrior respond violently.  (Wikipedia)

Coup: a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act (Merriam-Webster online)

coup de grâce: a decisive finishing blow, act, or event (Merriam-Webster Online)

Coup Coup was  bouncing up and down in a cage at the Yuma Animal Shelter when Kate Turpin found her and called to tell me "You need this dog".  At first we thought she might be a border/jack and I said NO MORE TERRIERS!!  Kate took her home, but a month later she called me again to say, "You need this dog!"  I said I'd look at her.  Well, that was all it took.  Coup won my heart.  

She is probably a whippet mix, but it is really hard to decipher.  She has not been easy to train since she is not interested in any motivator, she just wants to race.  She is quick though, and that counts if you play flyball.  If she turns out to be as fast as we hope; then she'll be counting coup on our opponents for years to come.



U-FLI Title: TFWC-I / NAFA Title: FMCH
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Racing Debute: 5/17/2003
Rescue Dog
U-FLI™  13th Top Titled Dog, No. 1 Top Titled ASD
4th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 3/18/2007
9th Dog ever and the 3rd LS Dog to earn 35K Plaque 5/24/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Cowboy...

While in training, Cowboy frustrated everyone by being constantly unwilling to use a prop in front of the box to help train his turn. Apparently Cowboy was just telling us that he knew how to do a beautiful turn already and to just get the silly plastic things out of his way!

Cowboy came from Touch N Go rescue. He has one of the most beautiful and consistent box turns on the team, for which he has earned the distinction of being one of the most-requested dogs to pass.

Our team is very fortunate to have Cowboy: he is a speedy dog who will run in any position on any team at any time for anybody. You can't ask for more than that!



U-FLI Title: TFWC / NAFA Title: FMCH
Breed: Border Collie
Racing Debute: 1/24/2004
DOB: March, 2001
Rescue Dog

Fastest Single Time: 3.828
2nd LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 10/21/2006
10th Dog ever and the 4th LS Dog to earn 35K Plaque 7/4/2009
At Retirement: U-FLI™  10th Top Titled Dog, No. 3 Top Titled BC,
44th Fastest Dog, 15th Fastest BC

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Holly...

Holly came to us as a rescue dog, approximately 10 months old, from Las Vegas Touch N Go, rescued just before the Christmas holidays in 2002 - and named Holly to commemorate the beginning of her life as we knew it.

Holly and EuniceHolly is a tri-color Border Collie, and as a rescue dog, had only a few known problems that were all workable. She is the consummate herding dog with a stare that can be disconcerting. We were hoping for a fast BC when she arrived but were not prepared for this dog with so much speed, drive and intelligence.

Holly runs on our Division 1 multibreed and regular teams, currently one of our fastest dogs. She runs consistently and reliably, and her distinction from the rest of her teammates is her creativity and ability to create games that make flyball even more fun for her and exasperating to her handler.

Holly is very endearing and exceedingly attracted to all people.



U-FLI Title: TFFC-I / NAFA Title: ONYX
Breed: Border Collie
Racing Debute: 5/17/2003
DOB: 9/11/2001
Retired December 2010 at:
U-FLI™  89th Top Titled Dog
3rd LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 12/31/2006

U-FLI™ Racing History
  |  NAFA Racing History

More about Jet...

The 2006 Xtreme Splits New Years Eve tournament December 30th and 31st brought many new titles for Lickety Splits but the most exciting was our Jettyman earning his TFPX title.  He was 5 points shy going into his last race of the day, we were not sure if he would complete his run before he "saw dead people" and shut down.  The first heat he completed his run earning his title and finished out the day with 20,010 points making him the 4th hight point dog in U-FLI™.  Jet we are all very proud of both you and Peggy

Jet is a rescue that comes from a home where his former human companion was unable to spend the time to train him to play Flyball. Thankfully she loved him enough to search out a home where he could continue his training in a sport he loves. Socially reserved and prone to many fears in the general environment, Jet comes "alive" at Flyball. Once he came to Lickety Splits, he progressed very fast in his training and has an excellent and very consistent Four Footed Box Turn.

Jet was born on the very chaotic September 11, 2001. He began racing in May 2003. At the end of 2005, he ranked 4th in points in U-FLI™ and was one of 5 dogs in U-FLI™ to earn the Premier Title. This is quite an achievement for a little guy who sometimes must struggle very hard to overcome his fears in order to race.

By 2010 Jet was enjoying his new job as Head Puppy and Handler Trainer during practice.  He is often rostered as a back up dog and does the occasional running in tournaments. He is a very sweet dog.

Imposter, "Pastah!"


U-FLI Title: TFFC / NAFA Title: FDX
Breed: Mixed
Racing Debute: 12/11/2004
DOB: Unknown
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: 4.389
11th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 4/4/2009
At Retirement: U-FLI™  60th Top Titled Dog, No. 24 Top Titled Mix

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Pastah!...

Pastah! was turned into Rude Dogs rescue in Michigan, and we got her via Touch N Go. Pastah! is a rare breed dog we are trying to have recognized by the breed organizations and ultimately by the flyball powers that be… she is a Malinette.   She has the full on drive and exuberance of a full sized Malinois packed into her tiny 10 pound frame.  Don’t mess with her on the field!  She defends her space with ferocity and if you doubt it, just watch her kill her tug!  She is a lot of dog. 

Pastha!In her off time, she moonlights as a supermodel for Petco’s line of dog clothing, Dicken’s Closet.  Pastah! also works as a therapy dog, but mostly she treats therapy as if it were a TV talk show… all about her.  Life is really all about Pastah! 

She made her racing debut on June 5, 2005, earning her FD and FDX in one day of NAFA racing part-time.  She was retired from jumping 8 inches, because of her tragic combination of incredible drive and complete lack of forethought.  She tends to crash.  She is now a reliable and valuable 6 inch height dog with many U-FLI titles.




U-FLI Title: TFP-II  |  NAFA Title: ONYX
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Racing Debute: 4/6/2002
Fastest Single Time: 4.849
U-FLI™  8th Top Titled ACD, 36th Fastest ACD

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Sadi...

Sadi is a four year old Australian Cattle Dog whose enthusiasm for flyball is unequaled. She was acquired as an eight week-old puppy and started playing flyball in 2001. She started her young life taking obedience lessons, but it soon became obvious that she needed a more action-oriented outlet. She was referred to Lickety Splits, and she took to the game in no time at all. Flyball suited her perfectly, and she was running with the team in record time. She has run in all positions with her team but prefers to be the start dog.

Sadi approaches everything in life full-on. She loves and plays with balls of any shape or size. She loves herding, going for rides in the truck, and camping on the weekends with her friends and at tournaments. Besides rapidly racking up a multitude of flyball titles, she is proud to have earned her Canine Good Citizen title.

She is also a frequent model for Petco apparel.

Sadi lived with Tucker.



U-FLI Title: TFFC-III / NAFA Title: FDCh
Breed: Mix
Racing Debute: 1/21/2007
DOB: 7/12/2004
Fastest Single Time: 4.143
U-FLI™  61st Top Titled Dog, No. 23 Top Titled Mix
13th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 6/14/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Scrambull...

My name is Scrambull, and I am the one male out of the Phattie litter from Buzz (Border/Jack) and Merc (Staffie Bull). I was picked for my mother because I was a little nerdy but sweet boy who ate a wicker basket and got sick when the rest of the litter was tested. At this time, my outstanding physical quality is the odd little beard that grows from my chin and my somewhat large feet. The jury is out on how I'll cute/handsome I'll be when I grow up, but I certainly do look like a staffie-terrier.

Everybody thinks that I am inquisitive, very loving and quite bright. I excel at problem-solving; I know how to sit, down, touch, tug, chase and retrieve a ball, and I am working on mastering the art of getting food from the "Buster Ball". My mother is also trying to train me to catch kibble. I try very hard at this exercise - it is very motivating. I have attended a few tournaments already and just love to hang out with my litter-mates and the bigger dogs and watch all of the action. I hope to be very fast some day and be able to jump over low jumps.

Scrambull and Siren are littermates.



U-FLI Title: TFWC-III / NAFA Title: FDCh-S
Breed: Mixed
Racing Debute: 5/15/2005
Fastest Single Time: 4.327
U-FLI™  10th Top Titled Dog, No. 4 Top Titled Mix
6th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 7/8/2007
6th Dog ever and the 2nd LS Dog to earn 35K Plaque 4/5/2009

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Taz...

TazTaz comes from pure working stock on a ranch in Northern California.  His Mom was a Border Collie who was killed in a farm accident before Taz was a year old.  She only had the one litter.  Dad is an Australian Cattle Dog.  His Mom worked the sheep on the ranch and his Dad the cattle and other livestock.  Being former ACD owners, we knew we wanted another one but loved the idea of the mix.  As it turned out, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more enjoyable dog.

Taz came to Flyball by accident.  After six months of herding, that he started at the age of six months, Taz grew bored.  He lived for the ball and couldn’t wait to get home to play.  The day he found a tennis ball in a field of brambles while herding, we knew it was time to find a “ball related” dog sport and abandon the sheep altogether.

TazTaz is one of those stable dogs who can always be relied on to go in there and get the job done.  He will run in any position for anyone and without error.  Taz has a great run to the box, but once he gets that ball, he’s satisfied.  He has a lot more in him and someday he might surprise us.  His fastest time is a 4.196 and he’ll give a 4.2 and a few 4.3’s every tournament, but is actually just happy to play Flyball as much as he can.  He hasn’t given us a day of worry and we are truly blessed to have him in our family.





U-FLI Title: Ace Pit Crew  |  NAFA Title: Champion Weeder
Breed: Of Her Own
Racing Debute: 4/1/1995
DOB: Not Tellin'
Rescue Dog: Yes she does
Retired at June 2011:

Eunice raced several dogs over her long Flyball career. Roonie, one of the first: is the dog on the Lickety Splits logo. Roonie, Chuck, and Stetson are playing flyball in heaven; Holly and Scrambull are retired; Pagan and Spirit are still in the game.

Good luck to you Eunice!
Lickety Splits Flyball Racing Team – June 2011

Goodbye Eunice

This is a tribute to Eunice for her many years of companionship and service to the sport of Flyball. From all of us at Lickety Splits Flyball Club.

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Memorial Page

In Memory of the Honored Dogs that watch over us...

  • Brinx
  • Bruiser
  • Budsley
  • Chuck
  • Kari
  • Rags
  • Rooney
  • Stetson
  • Taz

Bailey, "Bumpy"


U-FLI Title: TF  |  NAFA Title: FD
Breed: Mixed
Racing Debute: Some time around 0001 AD
DOB: 2/14/1999 (est)
DOD: 2/8/2010
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: Clock still running...
Grand Matriarch of the Chunky Monkey era

U-FLI™ Racing History

More about Bailey...

Bailey.  DOB  Valentine’s Day 1999 (Est.)  Bailey was abandoned in a shopping center as a puppy.  After taking uncountable numbers of dogs to interact with in 3 local shelters, Bailey was our incontrovertible choice.

She also won the dubious honor of being the first dog Val attempted to train for flyball.  Although Bailey’s NAFA flyball career spanned several years (2 years and 3 months to be exact), she was mainly known as the Grand Matriarch of the Chunky Monkey era of Lickety Splits.  The Chunky Monkeys were always crowd pleasers and Bailey had many loyal fans. After 2 years and 3 months of competition, and occasionally running fast enough to gain 1 point at a time, Bailey finally got her first NAFA Title and immediately retired.

Bailey ran for cookies, often stopped to say hi to the box loader and acknowledge her fans, and had a very unique box turn.  She loved to pounce on the box, let the ball hit her in the chest, bound after it, and then triple or quadruple step her way to her cookie rerward.  She still remembers how to “run” the course and does it to humor me a couple times a year.  She also is a very good trainer for dogs having trouble with excitement in the other lane.  Bailey prides herself on being able to run up and back with no drive or hoopla.

In a home with quite a few high drive dogs, Bailey is the unchallenged Alpha Bitch.  She is a very benign dictator, takes her job seriously, and is rarely unfair as long as she is getting at least her fair share of treats.  Bailey is rarely far from me and believes it her birthright to be outside if I am and with me in the car except when it is too hot.  We know every shady spot in every shopping area and what time the shade is best.

Bailey has the most expressive eyes of any dog I know.  When she is not amused, her “Evil Eye” is a true study in disgust.  She is a wonderful dog and extremely understanding of my love for other dogs.  She was given at least a double dose of self confidence and is a great and adored friend.

Often Bailey has come out of retirement to save the day by competing on a U-FLI pick-up team.  She is still used as a “green dog” trainer and a valuable member of the Lickety Splits team!

Shadowdance Black Thunder, "Brinx"


NAFA Title: FDCh
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Racing Debute: 1/19/02
DOD: 10/3/2004
Retired as NAFA: No. 2 BMD

- Companion Dog, AKC
CGC - Canine Good Citizen
TT - Temperment Tested

NAFA Racing History

More about Brinx...

October 14, 2004
Yesterday evening we lost a very colorful and memorable Lickety Splits teammate. Brinx, our Bernese Mountain Dog teammate passed away from cancer that attacked his lungs. He was quite comfortable until his last day, though Jack and Susan knew that his time was drawing near. Brinx had the distinction of being the guest of honor at his 7th birthday party at the Camerons' pool this past summer. Many of his canine teammates attended and voted it the best birthday party of their lives.

Brinx wasn't the fastest dog on the team, and the ball sometimes got lost in his cavernous mouth, but he ran with gusto and enthusiasm. His bark was known by all of the other teams that raced him - his massive bark when he was about to run frightened many a die-hard opponent. His racing career was limited by a distinct intolerance of heat and many health problems.

After taking a few years off with 485 points to his credit, he was entered at the Catchers tournament this past month to finally get the title that he deserved - a Flyball Dog Champion. For the last race of his life, he ran like he had always run - he charged down to the box, somehow get his ball in his huge mouth and ga-lumped back for his waiting cookie. He did his job three times and earned his title. It was a spectacular sight and everyone cheered for the old guy.

Brinx is now a bright memory, and remembering him run in flyball, barking his way to the box brings a smile to those of us who were there. We extend our condolences to Susan who was Brinx's leader and to Jack who loved him just as well. Rest in peace, Big Guy.

-- Eunice, team captain

Brinx came from a breeder in Iowa, who apparently breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs who think they are labradors!

Although he is currently semi-retired from flyball, Brinx stayed in shape by swimming whenever he could in his pool. When he got into the pool area, it is nearly impossible to stop him from getting into the water! In flyball, he was best known for his loud, intimidating barking on his way down the lane to the box. His bark was known to scare other teams' dogs, who did not know that Brinx was just so excited about playing flyball! He also enjoyed agility but let his mom know that he did not care for conformation or obedience!

Brinx knew how to get what he wanted: he would bark when he wanted to play but maked his people get up and get a toy for him. If another dog wanted to play at the same time, Brinx would walk away! He would not go near dirty water ("there's slime in this water, mom!"), although often his drool was the source of the slime. Though his breed is known for their carting/pulling abilities, Brinx seemed to think he was a hunting (bird) dog.

Brinx was pretty much game for anything. He enjoyed outings and going for rides.

On September 18, 2004, Brinx came out of semi-retirement to earn his long-awaited FDCh title, earning 15 points running three heats with our Predator squad.

Brinx retired as the #2 Bernese Mountain Dog in NAFA.

Montwood's Born to Run (Bruiser)


U-FLI Title: TFP-I  |  NAFA Title: ONYX
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Racing Debute: 2/18/1998
DOB: 2/8/1998
DOD: 11/21/2006
Rescue Dog

WAC (Working Aptitude Certificate - Doberman Pinscher Club of America)
At Retirement:
No. 18 Top Titled Dog, No. 1 Doberman
NAFA: No. 5 Doberman
In the history of NAFA Bruiser was one of only 14 Dobermans to earn an ONYX.

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Bruiser...

BORN TO RUN - Bruiser is Kari's full brother and littermate. I got him when he was 18 months old. He had a difficult first and second home, was having trouble being placed, and when I got him, he had been in a kennel for eight months. I was asked to foster him for a month or so while Kari was being shown out of state. Yes - she is a recovering show dog! His name at that time was Gunner and believe me, he was very full of extreme energy. I did decide to keep him, much to his sister's chagrin.

BruiserAfter a few months, it was suggested that I take him to flyball to maybe work off some of this energy. At our first lesson, while on a flexi-lead, he inadvertently (in his zest for life and the ball), drug our instructor (Eunice) to the ground. There she stayed for about 20 minutes - I thought he had broken her back. She did get up and said that we should change his name to "Bruiser" and that is how the legend began.

It was upwards of two years of weekly training before he ran in his first tournament. His very first race, he twisted around and my finger got wrapped in his collar and broke. His second race, he reared his head up and gave me a split and very swollen top lip. However, for the last two years, his beloved Peg has been running him and earning title after title. Now he will run for anyone as long as he can go and get his ball and when he returns to his handler of the day, a cookie. (Bruiser's favorite thing in the entire world is the BALL, followed very closely by cookies.) Yes, I could go on and on about this big red guy - you really have to know him to love him.

There are times when no words can describe the look Bruiser gets in his eyes. That look could possibly bore holes through you. Bruiser even has a book that was written about and for just him, it's called "The Book of Bruiser". The Team uses him as a "training dog" for new members to practice with and as usually happens, he teaches new folks how to hold onto and run a really powerful dog, hopefully, without too many "bruises".

Bruiser earned his ONYX on January 30, 2005 at Touch N Go's tournament in Logandale, NV.

Mom's Bodacious Budsley Boy, "Budsley"


NAFA Title: FM
Breed: Beagle
Racing Debute: 4/10/1999

NAFA Racing History

BudsleyMore about Budsley...

Budsley is one of only a handful of Beagles that play flyball in the U.S. He became so hooked on tennis balls that he even started his own game of "stair ball" in our two-story home during the rains of El Nino. We knew then he needed a sport of his own. Budsley graduated from his flyball training a natural and took to the sport with great enthusiasm.

BudsleyAs a reliable height dog he has supported his team both at home and away and he lets his teammates, the judge, and crowd know he's ready when he lines up and begins to bay. His Beagle heritage, ground sniffing and tracking are all but forgotten when he is on the flyball course.

Budsley was a working therapy dog and enjoyed his success helping special-needs children get over their fear of dogs. He worked in retirement homes and elder care facilities.

Budsley earned his Flyball Master (FM) title in August 2004. Budsley played tennis ball the night before he passed so I know how much he loved the sport.




Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Racing Debute: 8/4/2001
DOB: 11/19/1998
Retired from NAFA: as No. 5 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

NAFA Racing History

More about Chuck...

Chuck spent the first two years of his life as a competitive show dog. After he completed his AKC Championship, life, as he knows it, began. He arrived in San Diego shortly after his second birthday and quickly proved that he was more than just another pretty face.

ChuckHe took six months to learn the basics of Flyball and quickly stepped up to the plate as the height dog for Banana Splits, our emerging "fast team". At under twelve inches in height, Chuck enables his three teammates to jump eight inch heights. His striking good looks belie the enthusiasm and drive that he shows for Flyball. He was known for his consistency, short-dog speed, loud barking and spit that comes from his little mouth. His eyes look like limpid pools with generously applied eye liner, and watching him jump the jumps with his bouncing britches brings a smile to your face.

This serious and competitive Flyballer quickly earned his Flyball Master title, and he was the first dog to have earned his ONYX title with the team.

Chuck demonstrated his versatility by running in Agility and earning his novice and intermediate titles in regular classes and gamblers.

Chuck retired and lived his final years on the North County beach scene. We all miss him.




NAFA Title: FDCh-G
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Racing Debute: 1/20/2001
DOB: 2/8/1998
DOD: 11/30/2004
Retired at NAFA: No. 69 Doberman Pinscher
NAFA Racing History

More about Keri...

November 30, 2004

With great sadness, I must inform you that we have lost another team mate on this last day of November, 2004. Lynda had her beloved Kari put to rest today. Kari played flyball because Lynda wanted her to, and she enjoyed doing what Lynda enjoyed doing. She wasn't one of our very fast dogs, and she wasn't driven to perform. She was just as happy "hanging out" as she was racing. She was Lynda's soul-mate and spent most of her time and energy quietly being with her.

She came to Lynda as a young puppy, and she was shown in conformation for a while. She later welcomed an addition to the household who turned out to be her delinquent litter brother, Bruiser, whom Lynda rescued after a series of unappreciative homes. Kari never let Bruiser forget who was the boss in that home. She earned her CGC and therapy dog certificate, visiting and charming both children and the elderly. She loved her tuggie, and one of the outstanding events of her life was lure-coursing at Wags for Wishes where she dispensed with the course and cut directly the chase, running down that elusive "rabbit". For those who knew her, she was a beautiful dog both inside and out. She was sweet and tough at the same time.

Kari's very aggressive cancer acted quickly, and the quality of her life was compromised. She became ill much too young, but the time that she spent on this earth was quality time. She adored Lynda and provided her with the close human/dog relationship that rarely comes along. We will all miss this dog with magnificent dignity and charm. We wish Lynda many rich and wonderful memories and cherished thoughts. Rest in peace, dear Kari.

-- Eunice, team captain

I purchased Kari from Montwood Kennels (Pat LaCour and Angie Monteleon) when she was 8 weeks old (born on February 8, 1998). I am one of the co-founders of the Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego, Inc., and have been an avid Dobe lover since the mid-1960s. It had been six years since I had a Dobe, and I knew I wanted another female, similar to the one I had before, whose name was Abby. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have such a wonderful soul mate as Kari. We all know she only plays flyball because I ask her to.

Kari's favorite thing in the entire world is her Mom, Lynda. She (Kari) never does anything strange, she is a princess after all, and it's very clear that the entire Team sincerely appreciates her very good looks and demeanor. However, when she is in a playful mood, she will get a shoe or sock, if the closet door is left open, and parade around the house about three times until I just stand in one spot and say "Kari - bring it". She does and always seems pleased to hear me say "good bring it".

Caroway's Ragtime Gal, "Rags"


NAFA Title: FDCh
Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Racing Debute: 4/10/1999
DOB: 2/19/1994
DOD: 8/31/2006
Retired as NAFA: No. 19 CBR
NAFA Racing History
CGC- Canine Good Citizen

More about Rags...

Anna and RagsRags never ran with Lickety Splits but her sister Anna does. Rags was a member of the Woof Gang flyball team. When she retired from flyball because of an illness in March, 2002. I wanted to continue to play flyball so I became a perminate boxloader and began my researched of three years to find another dog for our family. If it wasn't for Rags finding flyball there never would have been an Anna in our home or on Lickety Splits.

I first met Rags in Lake Forrest, IL when she was seven weeks old. I flew to Illinois to spend three days with Rags and her nine siblings just one week before she flew to California to live with our family. At eight weeks of age Rags was out in the fields of Prado Dam training to retrieve birds. She continued to field train for the first three years of her life. Rags earned a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title and she had some Canine Freestyle lessons. Rags and I took agility classes from the local Parks and Recreation Department and it was there that we were introduced to Flyball. Rags loved Flyball more than agility and she would often finish an agility run and then head straight for the Flyball jumps.

RagsI met Lisa Heitmiller (the Woof Gang) and her dog Vanna at a Chesapeake team obedience practice in 1998. When I heard that Lisa played Flyball with her dog, Keeper, I asked if there was a place that I could have Rags participate in the sport. She told me to go to the practice and introduce myself and see if Rags could tryout for the team. Rags played Flyball for over four years and earned her FDCh. Rags had a short Flyball career. She was diagnosed with OCD in 2002. Rags was in pain for most of her life and as she got older she became very stiff after each race. Since her Flyball retirement she worked the Demos and sold raffle tickets. She was best known as the dog that carried her purse.

Before Rags retired she had one great adventure. The following is her story:

The Big Break
By Caroway's Ragtime Gal (Rags)

We woke up early Saturday morning and drove to Ventura with Peach and her mom. My master plan was already in the works. I was a good little dog and didn't bark at humans on motorcycles, bicycles, or skateboards. And when we approached the tournament site at the Ventura Harbor Village I didn't tell anyone that Peach informed me that we would be surrounded by water. Nobody knew of my big plan and things just seem to be falling in place. We were not in the first race of the day that gave me more time to plot my big break.

Rags, Peach and PixelWhen it was almost time for the race my mom and I walked over to ring one. Mom was so busy dancing like Groucho Marx to the funny music of the silent movie era that she didn't notice me whispering to Rio . I think she thought that we were kissing like we usually do. Rio and I worked out a great diversion for my plan. Then to my delight, we had a rather long break while we waited for the other team to finish racing in ring two. Mom made me dance some more to this goofy 60's rock-n-roll music. The whole time I was pulling her toward the box so she would think all I wanted to do was play flyball. Wiz and I did a little dancing and kissing while Maggie wiggled in her mom's arms. The plan was working the humans were distracted. Then it was time to warm-up. Rio went into action. He sat in front of the box and waited for his mom's recall. I knew if my mom saw him being so good it would remind her of how I used to do that too. It worked and I gained her trust. She told me to sit and then she walked away. I waited until she was at the other end and then I took off down the lane. I ran full steam toward her and grabbed the ball running as fast as I could. Mom watched me run. I knew that she was thinking that I would turn to the left and come back to play tug-of-war like I always did….…….NOT!

Too Long Tongue RagsThis was my big break. I ran all the way to the end and made a sharp turn to the right heading full speed towards the bay. She couldn't have caught me even if she was Wilma Rudolph (That tells you how old my mom is). I could hear her screaming my name but I pretended not to hear because the music was so loud and all the other dogs were cheering me on. I could see them with paws in the air and hear them chanting "Woof, woof, woof" just like Julia Roberts in "Pretty woman". Max and Sophie were screaming, "Go for it Rags". Rocket yelled, "Rags, you are the bomb" and Tess shouted, "Brown dogs rule!"

I made it to the edge of the sidewalk and could see that the ten-foot cliff was steep and there were large rocks at the bottom. It was just like Molly and Daisy said it would be. Within seconds I was at the bottom and made a flying leap into the bay. My form was a perfect 10. You know the kind that only Chessies can do. Water splashed up on both sides. I was in heaven. There were commercial fishing boats to my right and left but open water straight ahead. I was on my way out to sea when I faintly heard my mom's voice calling my name. I was going to ignore her until I heard those bone chilling words. "Okay Rags, I'm leaving. Good-bye, I'm getting in the car". I turned around just in time to see her disappear over the cliff.

I was alone. I hate when that happens. I could see a crowd of people standing on cliff laughing. Were they laughing at me because my mommy left me, or were they laughing at me because I was a "brown clown"? I couldn't take it. I love the water more than anything, but not more than my mommy. I climbed out of the bay and scampered up the cliff searching for my mom. I remember one day a few years ago I swam in the bay at home, mom ran away from me and when I reached the top, she came back to get me. That time I waited until she almost reached me and then jumped back into the water. That was a really neat trick. I wonder if I would be able to pull it off again?

Rags, Pixel, Peach (back) Max and SophieWhen I finally arrive at the top of the cliff, I couldn't see mom through all the laughing-humans. All I could see were legs. Then suddenly I heard mom's voice yelling out to someone in the crowd, "Grab her". I turned to leap back in the water, but it was too late. Someone grabbed my harness and I was hooked like a fish on a gaff. She tricked me again.

Mom took a hold of my harness and marched me back to the starting line. She was so relieved that we didn't miss the start she didn't seem to care that she was as wet as I was. She must have worried about me because the rest of the day she greeted me with open arms and treats at the end each races. She looked like a Greco Roman wrestler, there was no way I could have gone around her. Rodi later told me that her mom and the rest of the team's humans didn't even notice that I was AWOL, but when they found out they were all put on "Grab the Rags" alert.

Rags' last raceThe first ten races I ran down to the box got the ball but on my return I would glance over at the bay. It was so tempting. Maybe if I was racing in ring two I might have tried it again. That ring was much closer to the bay. But I had it pretty good the way it was, mom was hugging me and feeding me all day long.

Later that day while we were getting ready to race another race a big loud voice called my name (I think humans call it a PA system). It said that I had just earned my FDCH title. That must be a big deal because my mom was petting my head, kissing my ears, and rubbing my belly. All the humans were yelling my name as they clapped and cheered. My mom was so nervous that she let me go too soon on the next race and I almost bumped into my good bud Rio . I could see him coming and realized that there would not be enough room for both of us to go through the jump together so I went around and let him finish. I was proud of my new title and glad I decided to play flyball that day. I can always try swimming another day.


Rags and Anna
Anna misses her sister Rags but now she has her brother Luke to keep her very busy.  We are not sure but we think that Rags spirit has come back to us in the form of Luke and that makes us all very happy!  You can see Anna's tribute to Rags here (make sure that you have your sound turned on).


Montwood's Red Sky at Night, "Rooney"


NAFA Title: FM
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Racing Debute: 4/1/1995
DOB: 1990
DOD: 2003
NAFA Racing History

More about Rooney...

The dog on the Lickety Splits Logo

Roonie was a red Doberman Pinscher who ran with the original Lickety Splits team. He started playing flyball mid-life, and from the moment that he understood what he had to do to play this fun game, he became a lifetime lover of the sport. He was never the fastest Dobie on his team, but his consistency and contribution to the team was immeasurable. He bridged the time between the old and the new and was adored by everyone who knew him. He ran with the original, all-Dobie team, he ran with the mixed teams, he ran with anyone who took his collar and got into a line-up, and as he slowed down, he ruled the legendary Chunky Monkeys.

Roonie earned his AKC Companion Dog title. Taking nine shows to finally get it, he won a single point toward his AKC Championship. He was heading toward oblivion until he stumbled upon his perfect sport. Watching him run in flyball brought a smile to everyone's face. He often would wait in the line-up, sitting down, and his handler would wonder if he even knew where he was, and then he would burst forward, running over any height jumps with such a flourish and enthusiasm that onlookers would laugh and smile.

His longtime flyball goal was to earn his Flyball Master, and this was difficult in those beginning days when we were happy to earn 75 points in a weekend. He retired with his FM, and his legacy is that he will always be part of our team logo shared with his lifelong friend Shermie, another red Dobie male who played with the original Lickety Splits. He ran until he was 11 years old and lived to be 12 1/2 years.



U-FLI Title: TF-III |  NAFA Title: FDCh
Breed: Canaan Dog
Racing Debute: 5/23/2009
DOB: Unknown
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: The clock is still running...
At Retirement: U-FLI™  No. 2 Top Titles Canaan Dog
NAFA Retired at the No. 4 Top Titled Canaan Dog

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Shiloh...

Shiloh was about a year and a half when she finally found her forever home. She had been in six different places and had spent 8 months living in kennels before I saw her photo and realized she was my canine soul mate. She was rescued and then fostered by some agility folks who could see she had good structure and tons of speed. What they could not see is how much it took out of her to be bounced around so many places.

Shiloh had panic attacks and would charge and bark at strangers. In the beginning she would not let any other human member of our team touch her. She eventually overcame most of her fears to become a steady and solid member of our slow and medium speed teams. Unfortunately, even though she has lightning speed in real life, she cannot relax at flyball and really enjoy it. She always runs cautiously, and the more people around the racing lanes the more slowly she runs.

Shiloh's favorite things: fetching balls out of the lake, hiking, camping, hunting vermin, playing with all dogs, CHICKEN!

Shiloh's least favorite things: meeting new people, waiting for dinner, being left at home, children who run and shout, playing flyball on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Needless to say, once Shiloh achieved her FDCh Title, she ran a reduced racing schedule, and now only competes on an as needed basis. She is happy to run about 3 races a day, and most people are glad to have her on the team, since their dogs get to run more races.

Often Shiloh has come out of retirement to save the day by competing on a U-FLI pick-up team.  She is a valuable member of the Lickety Splits team!

Her main job in life is to be my trusted and loyal companion. I always feel safe with Shiloh around. Her hypervigilance and wariness of strangers makes her a formidible watch dog. On the other hand she has a wonderfully gentle spirit which she shares with my clients when she accompanies me to work. Her amazing tolerance and love for other dogs makes her an ideal peacemaker in our pack of six. She has taught me almost everything I know about dogs, and about training. She is my heart.

(And yes, her ears really are that big!)



Siren - Photo by Val PeasonStatistics

U-FLI Title: TFFC-I / NAFA Title: FDX
Breed: Mix
Racing Debute: 11/12/2005
DOB: 7/12/2004
Fastest Single Time: 4.270
16th LS Dog to earn 20K Plaque 6/54/2010

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

SirenMore about Siren...

Siren was Loud, and Red. She always had a lot to say. Fiery and full of herself, Siren loved Flyball. She had a sweet side too, and loved to snuggle down under the covers and would sleep in long after the sun came up. She proved to be a stoic little girl with a big heart. Siren had both hips replaced before one year old yet was still throwing the occasional 4.1 when she was 5 years old.  Siren ran for anyone and could be depended on all day for low 4 running with good passing.  She was a wonderful utility dog who had no issues and almost never made a mistake.

Siren and Scrambull were littermates.




U-FLI Title: TF-III  |  NAFA Title: FMX
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Racing Debute: 4/6/2002
DOB: August 1998
DOD: 10/20/2009
Retired as U-FLI™  No. 5 Top Titled Min Pin
Retired as NAFA: No. 8 Min Pin

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Stetson...

October 20, 2009

Little Stetson left this morning to join his fellow warriors to scrimmage in the sky. Look into the sky tonight and watch him with Bruiser, Roonie, Taz and the others who have gone before him. He passed away after going into kidney failure this weekend. He was eleven years old and enjoyed every minute of those years. He successfully kept the gopher population down while living in San Diego, and he protected my daughter's vegetable garden from the unending population of squirrels in Hazel Park, Michigan.

Lickety Splits is indebted to this little guy who was there for us when we ran in NAFA and needed dedicated 8-inch height dogs. He ran his heart out to please the crowd, to get that jackpot at the end of each of his runs and to celebrate another successful run. We have Trish Wolonak to thank for his remarkable training - nobody else can train Min Pins! - and then letting me have him after the birth of their special needs daughter Madison. He ran reliably despite his total lack of correct flyball structure because he loved to please.

Stetson genuinely loved people and loved to perform for anyone who had a cookie or treat for him. He was welcome in anybody's home and always was a gentleman. My daughter was planning to train him as a therapy dog, something that he would have loved to do. He added a dimension to the lives of those whom he touched. He touched mine, and I am a richer person for it... Eunice

Stetson came to the team at age 4 1/2, an experienced flyball dog who had been under-utililzed by his previous team. Stetson is a black and tan Miniature Pinscher male, the clown of the team. At nine plus pounds, this little guy runs with gusto over the jumps to and from the box. He never fails to be a crowd-pleaser with his antics. We have found the perfect little balls for his tiny mouth and he eagerly snatches them at the box and returns for his piece of cheese, dancing and jumping until he gets it.

He has been the height dog for several squads, his personal favorite being the Split Endz. He gained notoriety when he briefly filled in as height dog for our Division 1 team, but he really prefers a squad with less intensity.

Although he is techically a dog, when you meet Stetson, you are reminded not of other dogs you have met, but of other animals you have seen or read about. At various times, he has been described as resembling a small dinosaur and an organ grinder's monkey.

Stetson has done agility and will also show off the multitude of tricks that he knows - for a piece of cheese. He recently earned his Flyball Master title. When he is not performing in flyball, he keeps himself fit and trim by hunting for lizards or gophers at his half acre home. Stetson is truly a special Miniature Pinscher.



U-FLI Title: TF  |  NAFA Title: FMX
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Racing Debute: 7/24/1999
Rescue Dog

Ranking At Retirement:
No. 4 Top Titled English Springer Spaniel
NAFA: No. 12 English Springer

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Tucker...

Taz, an English Springer Spaniel joined Lickety Splits just as we were reorganizing and looking for new fast dogs. He learned quickly and was eager to run - just the dog that we needed. Taz was all heart and enthusiasm and became a solid team member running on the only team that we had at the time. He never let us down. With his boundless energy, he served as a solid trainer for our multitude of green dogs at that time.

Taz competed primarily in NAFA, racking up many titles, back when we earned points a few at a time. Unfortunately advancing arthritis prevented him from jumping without pain, and he was forced to retire from flyball November 2003. In June 2005, Taz came out of retirement to race on a pick-up team at a local tournament when a new team was in need of dogs. You would have never known that he had been on a flyball hiatus! Taz looked fantastic and earned his Top Flight (TF) U-FLI™ title.

Taz enjoed hunting with Jack, he ran in agility, and he never lost his love for carrying balls. We will miss the little liver and white fellow with lots of heart.

Taz lived with Cowboy, Toby, and Twister. Brinx was part of his family too.



U-FLI Title: TF-III  |  NAFA Title: FM
Breed: Border Terrier
Racing Debute: 1/19/2002
U-FLI™  5th Top Titled Border Terrier
NAFA Retired at the No. 31 Top Titled Border Terrier

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Toby...

Toby is a Border Terrier who was purchased as a one-year old to train as a height dog at a time that the team was desperate for height dogs. He is very reliable but never attained the speed that we hoped for. Toby's adorable little face is his outstanding feature. He loves to play ball and lick and bite your face (right, Val?) and to interact with other dogs. He has been running with the team for about 3 years but prefers to run with a run-for-fun team.

Toby has found a new profession as a super-model for Petco's clothing. He is featured on packages for three outfits in the Spring 2005 clothing line!

Toby Petco ModelToby Petco ModelToby Petco Model


Toby lived with Cowboy and Twister. Brinx and Taz were part of his family too.



U-FLI Title: TF-III  |  NAFA Title: FDCh-G
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Racing Debute: 1/25/2004
DOB: 9/11/2001
DOD: 9/11/2011
Rescue Dog
Fastest Single Time: 4.006
Retired at December 2010:
Retired at No. 3 Top Titled PWC, No. 4 Fastest PWC
NAFA: Retired at No. 45 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

U-FLI™ Racing History   |  NAFA Racing History

More about Tucker...

Tucker is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was acquired as an estimated 18-month old rescue dog from Corgi Rescue in December 2002. It was obvious from the outset that he was going to be a very fast Corgi as he ran around the back yard at his foster home, chasing the cat and other dogs. He is a very friendly and enthusiastic dog who loves to run, bark and play.

He started running in Flyball in 2004 and has one of the most outstanding height-dog four-foot turns at the box. He also loves herding, riding in the back seat of the truck, going camping on the weekends, and going to out-of-town tournaments to run with his teammates.

Tucker lives with Sadi.